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World Series of Poker Room




Horseshoe is the place where the WSOP was born, so it stands to reason that Horseshoe Southern Indiana is the Midwest’s most exciting place to play your favorite games in an authentic gamblers’ environment. With 30 lively tables and plenty of comfortable seating, you can try your hand at a variety of poker games and get in on the craze that's sweeping the nation.

Our poker room is consistently voted the best in the market & we plan to keep it that way. We're sure to have something for everyone from beginners to experts, from No Limit Texas Hold 'Em to Seven Card Stud.

Jackpots paid out in 2013: $902,000

Bad beat Jackpot: $56,000


We have a very exciting line up of Promotions for our valued guests in the month of August! Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas for promotions in upcoming months. All promotions must abide by bad beat rules.

Mondays - Quads Win
From 11am to 11pm, we will randomly select the prize amounts of all Quads and post them on the board. As they are hit, they will be removed from the board, (both hole cards must play). This will continue until all quads are hit. Prizes will be $25-$325.

Tuesdays Golf Scramble Voucher Splash
From 11am until 11pm, we will Splash 3 eligible tables with $50 each hour. Also, 4 times each day, we will randomly select a table and Splash the next pot with a certificate for a team of 4 players to play in the September 8, 2014 Honor Flight Golf Scramble at Chariot Run ($200 value and transferrable).

Wednesdays – Let’s Make a Deal
From 11am until 11pm, anytime a player wins a pot with Aces Full of Eights or better (only 1 hole card must play), they will receive $50. At that point, the player will have the option to trade in his $50 for a chance at a better deal. If a player chooses to make a deal they will have the opportunity to draw a ticket from the Prize Basket. The day will begin with 20 prizes in the basket and each prize may only be won 1 time in each day.
$1,000 cash – 1 prize
$750 cash – 1 prize
$500 cash – 2 prize
$250 cash – 1 prize
$100 cash – 3 prizes
$50 cash – 4 prizes
$25 cash - 4 prizes
$0 - 4 prizes

Thursdays–Aces Cracked
From 11am until 11pm on Thursdays, if a player loses a pot, at the showdown, with Pocket Aces, we will award that player a $100 cash prize.

Straight Flush / Royal Flush Giveaway
From Mondays at 9am until Fridays at 11am, any player that wins a pot with a Straight Flush will win a Free Buffet Comp. Any player that wins a pot with a Royal Flush will receive their choice of 2 Buffets or a $50 comp to Legends.

All promotions must abide by bad beat rules and have 4 people in the hand and $20 in the pot. For  Mondays Splash the Pot - Beginning at Noon and running until 11pm, we will splash the pot on a randomly selected table once per hour with a designated amount of chips.  The amount designated will be determined by the previous winning hand.  Once the Supervisor has selected the winning table they will approach that table and the next winning hand will determine the amount to be splashed on the next hand.